Wish to Buy Memberships

The following individuals are interested in purchasing a membership. Please contact them directly if you are interested in selling. Please note that this is not a waiting list per se, but is a list of people who have indicated a desire to purchase a WHAC membership.

Name Phone Email Date Listed
Lisa Gener 832-594-7583 lisam.gener@gmail.com 8/22/2018
Elizabeth McCord Welp 512-750-3740 emcwelp@gmail.com 4/18/2019
Chrissy Gray Lim n/a chrissy.lim@hotmail.com 6/25/2019
Mark Masters 609-651-1269 mmasters38@gmail.com 7/9/19
Kelly Saxon n/a ksax131@gmail.com 7/29/2019
Grant Newton 303-24-8474 Grant.Newton6@gmail.com  8/20/2019

Michael J. Winter

303.726.2861 michael.winter.22@gmail.com 9/6/19
Tara Kleinert n/a  tmkleinert@gmail.com 10/7/2019
Amanda Flahive  832 541 6676  welshamanda@gmail.com 10/14/2019
Erica Rosskamm  612-799-7720 erica.rosskamm@gmail.com 6/21/21
M. Vutha n/a  Maddycpd@yahoo.com 9/21/21

Members who wish to buy a membership may advertise here for a fee of $15, payable by cash, check, or credit card. Names will be listed on the web site for up to a year. To add your name to the web site, please send an e-mail with your name, phone number, and email address to manager@whac.org, or mail the information to:


4801 Rollingwood Drive

Austin, TX 78746.