Party Reservations

Parties During Normal Pool Hours

Looking to have a get together? Is it your kids’ birthday already? Is your daughter getting married? Have your party at the Rollingwood Pool! Members may book parties at the pool for the very low price of only $10. That’s right! I said $10! So email the General Manager today for a reservation.

Members may book parties to be held during normal pool hours. During the school year, (Aug-May) parties can be schedule for weekends.  The diving board is open during the weekends.   The cost is $10 for the party and $1 for any non-member in the party. Guest tickets may also be used for non-members at the party. Parties of more than 10 people are discouraged. Parties should not last longer than three hours.

If you are meeting a few other families up at the pool for dinner, and it isn’t really a party, but more of a gathering of friends who are members and enjoying the pool, send the General Manager an email to give a heads up. This is especially true if you are all going to be using tables. It isn’t that we are trying to restrict your usage, or trying to collect a party fee for something that isn’t a party. It is so that we aren’t surprised when four families of four or five members per family walk through the door and take up a section of tables when we might have a few parties scheduled. We don’t want to charge you for something like a gathering of four families. We just want to be prepared for it.

Scout Groups

We are happy to host your meetings or facilitate a swim test if a member is present with the group. Please have the member email and let us know so we can put you on the schedule. Also, meetings or swim tests need to occur during the posted hours. Please do not have your group show up early expecting to use the facilities. Also, please do not have scouts who missed a scheduled swim test randomly show up and demand a test. They will not be accommodated.Thanks for your cooperation.

During School year (Aug-May), before the end of the school year, parties on weekdays are not allowed after school due to crowded conditions in the afternoons/evenings. This applies only to regular parties during open hours. Private parties may still be scheduled on Mondays when the pool is closed in May.

Reservations must be made for all parties, meetings, etc. If you aren’t sure if you need a reservation for your gathering, or to make a reservation, email the General Manager or call 512-327-6373. Please include the following information in your message: your name, your phone number/s, date of the party, beginning and ending times of the party, number and approximate age of those attending the party. Make sure that you contact the General Manager early so that you can assure yourself of a space on the date you want. Many people schedule parties during the spring and summer and we cannot accommodate everybody. If for some reason the General Manager does not get back with you, do not assume that your party has been scheduled until confirmed. Send the General Manager an email just to make sure.

Private Parties during May and the Summer

Private parties may also be reserved on Mondays during the summer, when the pool is not open. Private parties can also be booked during times the pool is closed through out the day during the week 1:00-3:30pm time slot.  Members who sponsor parties must be present and are responsible for the actions of those attending their party. Private parties may be scheduled at the pool on Monday afternoons and evenings starting in May. Please review the policy guidelines below for more information regarding private parties, including the reservation form.

Rollingwood (WHAC) Pool Party Rules

1. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the desired party date. Parties can be booked no more than 6 months in advance.
2. Full payment must be made in-person, and a signed contract must be completed no more than 14 days after reserving a date and no less than 7 days before the date requested. Time and date requested will be forfeited if payment is not received within this time. You will not be notified of forfeited parties. Party dates are not valid without a signed contract and proof of payment.
3. Birthday parties may be canceled due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control. No refunds will be issued due to the pool closing for weather, fecal accidents and other safety issues. In lieu of a refund, the party may be rescheduled for a future, available party date.
4. Birthday parties are scheduled for a maximum of 3 hours. The birthday child must be at least 3-yrs-old to have a party at WHAC.
5. A head count of guests is required to be submitted to the General Manager at least 7 days prior to the party date. The club needs to ensure all swimmers stay safe by staffing enough lifeguards, so advanced notice of a headcount is required to ensure enough lifeguards will be present.
6. Coast Guard Approved life jackets are permitted. Lifejackets are not a substitute for adult supervision.
7. You may arrive up to 15 minutes early to set up for a party. Balloons and table decorations are acceptable. Piñatas and confetti are prohibited.
8. Food and drinks are only allowed in the designated table areas. Please keep all food and drink items outside
of the pools.
9. The pool rules must be obeyed at all times by guests. Pool staff should be notified of any non-swimmers in your group. As the sponsoring person, you are responsible for the behavior and actions of your guests.
10. Based on concerns for the safety of participants, pool staff has the authority to close the pool and/or prohibit anyone from the pool area. Please see attached Pool Rules. Abuse of any of the above rules will result in dismissal from the facility with no refund.

Private Parties at the Western Hills Athletic Club

Form – Private Party Reservation

If you have any questions about booking a party, email the General Manager at